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Apium graveolens



A rustic plant with large, fairly smooth, rounded roots and tender white meat. For more even roots, removing sprouts immediately is advised.  Ideal for winter consumption.  The bulb conserves easily in a dark, dry area after harvesting, with the leaves and roots removed.  May be cooked in puree, fried or served raw in salads. SOWING: Since germination is slow (3-4 weeks), sow in spring/summer for an summer/fall harvest. When the seedlings have reached a height of 10-15 cm, transplant to rows spaced 60cm apart with a 25-30 cm space between plants. 


A robust and vigorous plant with light green foliage. Large stalks that are full, roundish, crunchy and are not stringy. This variety is very late to bolt and it is therefore, advisable to force early vegetables in a greenhouse or under cloche. A few days prior to consuming, tie and earth up in order to produce whitening. SOWING: in a seedbed from February to June transplanting when the plant is about 15cm tall into rows at a distance of 25cm along the row, leaving 50cm between rows.


      sel. NAPOLETANO

Country variety, hardy and highly resistent to the cold. Regenerates quickly after cutting. The bright green leaves and short legs are also harvested. Produces feather-like leaves with saw-like edges, similar to Giant Parsley leaves, but have an intense and very pleasant fragrance. SOWING: Sow in all seasons, spreading 1,5 gr evenly over each mq.

364 D'ELNE

Erect medium-height plant with tightly packed stalks. Bright green leaves and full, rounds stalks, very tender and easy to blanch. SOWING: generally sown in seed beds, in January and February under cloches, and later directly outdoors. Can also be sown under protected cultivation for winter harvesting. Transplant when seedlings are about 15-20 cm tall, at a distance of 50cm with 25cm between rows. To promote growth after transplanting prune foliage and roots.

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