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Cucumis sativus


Typical salad variety, producing deep green cylindrical fruits, 20-22 cm long and with a rounded tip. firm flesh with few seeds. The plant is an abundant cropper, bearing the first fruits ready for harvesting in 65 days. nip out main shoot after first four leaves, later repeating the same operation on side shoots. heavy cropper ri8ght from first fruits. SOWING: Sow outdoors from March to June at intervals of 30-40 cm with 1 metre between rows. Sow 2-3 seeds per hole,thinning out after germination. In the austyralian continent sowing time has to be postponed of about 6 months.


Typical salad variety. Cylindrical fruits, 18-20 cm long, with rounded tip. Dark green skin, firm flesh with few seeds. Central sprouts should be pinched out above first four leaves, repeating operation after side-sprouts have grown. Abundant production from first fruits onwards. SOWING: plant outdoors from March to June, sowing 2-3 seeds per hole, with intervals of 30/40 cm between holes  and 1 metre between rows. Thin out seedlings after germination.



Early variety with high, uniform and continuous production of fruits harvested when a length of 6-10 cm has been reached. The fruits can be preserved in brine and/or vinegar, and are small, elongated, regular, triangular in cross-section, dark green in colour and with a blunt tip. Thin skin, very lumpy but with few prickles. SOWING: sow outdoors from March to June at intervalsof 30-40 cm with 1 metre between rows. Sow 2-3 seeds per hole, thinning out after germination.


Long fruits, deep green skin, soft pulp, crispy, narrow, with few seeds. It is best to prune above the first four leaves and to repeat this operation during the subsequent growth of the shoots. Produces abundantly right from the first cuts. Typical salad variety. Transports well. SOWING: in “stations” on open round between  March and June at a distance of 30/40 cm along the row and 1 metre between rows. Use 2/3 seeds for each hole and remember to thin out after sprouting.



A typical salad variety that produces elongated fruit with a roundish section that has slight, lengthwise grooves, shiny white peel with lots of protuberances, and firm flesh with few seeds. SOWING: “in rows” outdoors from March to June leaving a distance of 30/40 cm along the row and about 1 m between rows. Place 2/3 seeds per hole, taking care to thin out when they have sprouted.

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