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Lactuca sativa capitata



Varietà invernale, rustica,  cespi di media grandezza, del peso di 400-500 gr, foglie di colore verde medio con sfumature di colore rosso ai bordi. Si raccoglie quando ha formato il cappuccio pieno e compatto. SEMINA: si esgue alla distanza di cm 30/40 circa da fila a fila; cm 30 circa sulla fila.Rustic winter variety forming a medium-sized head weighing 400-500 gr, mid-green leaves tinged with red at the edges. Harvest when the full, compact head has formed. SOWING: in rows in autumn, and also in spring in cooler climates, at intervals of about 30 cm with about 30-40 cm between rows.


Summer variety, late bolting. White seeds, external leaves are medium-green coloured with light red tinges around the edge. Large round head, full and compact. SOWING: in rows from March to July 30 cm apart, leaving 30-40 cm between each row.


Black seed, outer leaves with deeply serrated edges, bright green in colour. Large head of a slightly lighter colour. Harvested when the full, compact heart has formed. SOWING: in rows from March to July.


Ideal for spring and summer cultivation. Large compact head, slightly crinkly leaves, yellowish-green in colour and very crispy. Robust plant very resistant to stem rot. The heavy, tightly closed head and the well formed base make this variety ideal for both domestic and export markets. Medium tendency to bolt. SOWING: from February to August. Usually sown in seed beds  for transplanting when plants have 4-5 leaves, at intervals of 40 cm with same distance between rows.


Summer variety with good resistance to bolting. Bright green outer leaves with deeply serrated edges, tight roundish head, heavy and compact, of a slightly lighter colour. Harvested when the full head has formed. Very crisp, with an excellent flavour. SOWING: in rows from March to July. 


Pianta Vigorosa, con fogliame abbondante di colore verde chiaro brillante. Testa voluminosa, compatta e pesante. Fondo sano e ben formato. E’ dotata di resistenza alla Bremia e di elevata tolleranza verso il virus del Mosaico della Lattuga. Varietà a ciclo estivo. SEMINA: si semina da marzo ad agostoVigorous plant, with abundant, light green and shiny foliage. Voluminous, compact and heavy head. Healthy and well-formed bottom. Bremia and Lettuce Mosaic virus resistant. Summer cycle variety. SOWING: it can be sown from March to August.


Varietà estiva lenta a montare. Seme bianco, foglie esterne bollose, ondulate, a margine lievemente frastagliato. Testa di forma globosa, molto uniforme, ben serrata, di colore verde intenso. Cappuccio solido, anch’esso molto croccante, di buon peso specifico. Varietà resistente ai forti calori e alle intemperie. Molto apprezzata per la perfetta omogeneità nello sviluppo e nella maturazione. SEMINA: si esegue a file da marzo a luglio.Summer variety, resistant to bolting. White seed, crinkly outer leaves with slightly serrated edges. Round and very uniform head, tight and bright green in colour. Compact and very crispy heart, very heavy. Variety resistant to high temperatures and bad weather. Particularly appreciated for perfect consistency in growth and maturation. SOWING: in rows from March to July.


Red batavia well selected with a sweet crunchy taste. Variety spring/autumn. There is the possibility of extendig the production to hotter periods of the year. The head is of medium size with thick, crunchy, wavy and bullate, saw edged leaves. The leaves are medium green which, when ripe, becomes bright wine red. The pommel is very compact with a flat base and is somewhat closed. SOWING: from December to March for Spring/Summer crops and in August/September for  Autumn pickings.


Variety suitable for all seasons, with good resistance to the cold. Short leaves that are covered with blisters and rounded, red-brown colour on the outside and green on the inside. The head is rather compact and is on the whole quite heavy. The yield is therefore, quite considerable. SOWING: in all seasons. Transplant when the seedlings have 4-5 leaves, in rows 30-40 cm apart leaving 30-40 cm between the rows. 


Tipo Iceberg

White-seeded variety with flexible cultural cicle. Suitable for spring-summer harvest, it can be cultivated also in autumn and winter. Vigorous, brillant green plant forming a round and compact head. SOWING: all year round. Generally in seed beds for transplanting when the plants have 4-5 leaved, at intervals of 30-40 cm with same distance between rows.


Varietà adatta per la coltivazione in serra e in pieno campo. Testa voluminosa e compatta di colore verde medio brillante. Fondo ben chiuso e di ottima presentazione. Varietà invernale resistente alle varie razze di Bremia e molto tollerante al virus del Mosaico della Lattuga. SEMINA: si effettua da settembre a febbraio.Suitable for cultivation in greenhouses or outdoors. Compact, bulky head resistant to various Bremia strains, high tolerance to Lettuce Mosaic. SOWING: from September to February.

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