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The Company

In 1970 Paolo Mancuso founded La Semiorto Sementi, whose headquarters at present are in Sarno, in Southern Italy, in the Agro Nocerino-Sarnese area, a worldwide famous rural territory of Campania region. He already had an extensive and specific knowledge of the seeds sector, handed down to him by three generations of expert seeds producers.
Many varieties of horticultural products, once famous all over the world, have been produced in this area for the first time after being scrupulously selected through the centuries by expert farmers. The company was established with the mission of enhancing the seeds’ production of horticultural plants, flowers and aromatic herbs in Campania and in particular in the Agro Sarnese-Nocerino. The company, now solidly established, also appreciated outside the national territory, has made professionalism, reliability and quality the cornerstones of its success.

Its commitment has always been oriented towards higher quality production, or better, qualitative quality, to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. Since its establishment, La Semiorto Sementi has paid particular attention to the maintenance and the genetic improvement of the varieties. The considerable experience accumulated over the years together with the valid collaboration of expert agronomists have allowed us to improve the qualitative and productive characteristics of the classic Standard varieties. The expectations of farmers are thus rewarded with new selections and / or varieties able to optimally respond to the demands of national and international markets.

After 40 years of continuous growth Semiorto Sementi, thanks to its commercial success, in 1996 created a new range of products that will play an increasingly important role in future business decisions. In the Third Millennium, in a sector that has become extremely complex, affected by profound and continuous changes and in which consumer preferences change rapidly, our commitment will stay the same: "Producing seeds to meet your needs!".

Our range includes about 350 standard and hybrid varieties, produced with cutting-edge technologies. Each of our lines is presented in an innovative, attractive, seductive but above all very useful packaging, with faithful varietal representation and accompanied by detailed technical-cultural notes. Each of our products, whether intended for the amateur or professional use, is strictly controlled.

We can provide you with several packaging options tailored for your needs and a wide assortment of carefully selected varieties.

Should you need any further information or any technical suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are glad to answer your questions promptly and with competence.

The seed value

Aware that the seed quality is one factor that determines both the success of the harvest product quality, our commitment remains unchanged in every phase of production.

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