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Brassica oleracea bullata capitata sabauda


Suitable for spring cultivation but can also be sown in summer for harvesting in autumn. Very early variety to harvest 70-80 days after transplanting. The cabbage has a short stem with medium-green leaves that are quite blistered, each one weighs about 1,5 - 2 Kg. SOWING: from February to July. Transplant when the seedlings are about 20 cm. tall, in rows 30 cm. apart leaving 60 cm. between rows. 


This exceptional round variety, with wonderful wrinkled dark green leaves, is ideal for winter consumption. SOWING: in July - August for cutting in February - March. When plants reacha height of 20 cm they should be replanted 30 cm apart I n rows spaced 60 cm apart.

086 VERTUS 2

To be sown from may to july. Transplanted approx 1 month after sowing. Winter variety, bubble- like surface on foliage which is green-blue in colour. The plant produces flat well developed heads. SOWING: from May to July. Transfer the plants when they are about 20 cm tall and plant them i9n rows at a distance of 30 cm along the ow and leaving 60 cm between rows.

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