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Foeniculum vulgare azoricum


This variety stands out for consistency, slow to mount. Tolerates and resist low temperatures very well. The hearts are round, of average size, compact with thick, meaty, completely white and low –fibre sheaths. Leaves stand erect, with full reeds. Excellent variety in term of yield , quality and product uniformity. SOWING: in various stages between July and September. Picking can start in November until march.  


      sel. PRECOCE

Round medium-sized heart that is compact and has think, fleshy sheaths that are completely white and very sweet flavoured. The lives have erect bearing and full canes. Extremely productive variety, excellent quality and very uniform fruit with very little waste. This variety is characterised by its consistency, and by the fact that is late to bolt and is very tolerant and resistant to low temperatures. SOWING: from July to August.  


      sel. VESUVIO

A medium  to early variety. The hearts are round, medium-sized and compact. the sheaths are thick, fleshy and entirely  white with very little fibre. They are crunchy and tender white  with  a  sweet, aromatic flavour. SOWING: can be sown  in several stages from july until the beginning September for harvesting from November until February.  


Late variety that apprecciated, very late to bolt. The hearts are large, round, very white and compact. Very thick sheaths that are sweet, crunchy and tender. Medium-tall plant, erect with full cane. Being a late variety (may-june) and given the intense heat of the season, it is advisable to water the soil at least once a week. In this way, the harvest is ensured for the whole month of june and the hearts are crunchy.  SOWING: from October to February.

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