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Pisum Sativum


Suitable for deep freezing. Compact dwarf variety with excellent fruiting habit. Medium-small pods with round grain excellent for freezing. The peas are very tender and sweet. SOWING: Direct seeding takes place from October until the end of May in moderate countries, while in colder regions are made during spring only. It takes about 2 kg x 100 sqm at a distance of 45-60 cm between rows and 3-10 on the row.


Dwarf variety, very precocious with large and smooth seed of a light green color. The plant is about 40-50 cm high and the pod is 9-9,5 cm long, with a medium-green colour and with 9-10 round, sweet and flux grains. SOWING: done in autumn and in spring directly in line or in small holes at a rate of 1,5-2 kg per 100 sqm. The distance is of 50-60 cm between the rows and of 3-10 cm on the line.


Dwarf variety, medium precociousness with large and wrinkled, dark green seed; the plant is about 40-50 cm high. The pods are straight and long with a shiny dark green colour and contain up to 9-10 seeds. SOWING: done in autumn and spring in rows at a distance of 35-40 cm from each other and in a continuous line.

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